Why does smoking cause bad breath?

If you’re sitting next to someone who smokes, you may suffer from cigarette odor and bad breath.

They have distinctive bad breath. So why does it smell like that? And how do you get rid of it?

Today, we’re going to look at the causes of cigarette-induced bad breath.

In the next installment, we’ll look at how to efficiently remove cigarette-induced breath odor.

cigarette odor - Figure 1

1.high temperature

More than the smell of the cigarette itself, what contributes to bad breath is that cigarette smoke is hotter than you might think.

Hot tobacco smoke stays in your mouth and dries it out.

And it can make you get hypothermic burns.

Hot smoke will dry out your mouth.

and it reduces the amount of saliva secreted.

Saliva has germ-fighting substances in it, and the process of saliva flow itself cleanses the mouth of waste.

However, with less saliva comes an increase in the number of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Less saliva also means less physical removal of mouth waste.

That’s why you get more bad breath after smoking.


2.oxygen concentration

When you smoke, you reduce the oxygen concentration in your mouth.

The main bacteria that cause bad breath are They live harder when oxygen levels are reduced. They are also known as anaerobes.

These bacteria produce sulfides, which in turn increase bad breath.


3.Tar and Nicotine

The tar and nicotine in cigarettes have a tendency to stick to teeth.

That’s why smokers’ teeth gradually change color to yellow and black.

The problem is that plaque also sticks to it.

Plaque, and then what? You get tartar.

There are tons of bacteria in tartar. These bacteria make substances that cause bad breath.

4.Breathe through your mouth

Use your mouth to light a cigarette.

As a result, when you breathe, you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose.

This results in a dry mouth.

Similar to reason #1, dry mouth can cause bad breath.

Less saliva = bad breath. = Increased odor of tobacco breath

cigarette odor - Figure 2

5.Spittingt(spitting behavior)

Some people spit when they smoke. Then?

Same as reason #1, bad breath.


6.Tongue Plaque

Tobacco is known to increase white plaque.

If you stick your tongue out, you’ll see white or yellow plaque. This is the white plaque on the tongue.

There are tons of bacteria in this white stuff that cause bad breath.

7. Black hairy Tongue

Someone said, “My tongue is turning black.

If they do, you should suspect that they have Black hairy Tongue.

This is caused by bacteria in the mouth, so a diagnosis by a specialist, such as an Dentist, is essential.

This disease causes very bad breath.

Unfortunately, it looks good on smokers.

Today we’ve been talking about cigarette-induced bad breath.

In the next blog, we’ll look at how we can effectively eliminate it, or at least contain it.

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