Tips for removing smoking bad breath

Last time, we learned why a unique bad breath occurs when you smoke. (which is called smoking bad breath.)

To put it briefly, it was because of the following reasons. These were high temperature and low oxygen concentration, stickiness of tar and nicotine, problems caused by breathing through the mouth and spitting, and whitening of the tongue and glossitis.


Today, we will learn about easy ways to remove smoking bad breath from your daily life.

Tips for removing smoking bad breath. okay~ Start!

Removing smoking bad breath - Figure 1

One of the biggest causes of smoking bad breath is the high temperature of cigarette smoke.

Therefore, it becomes more of a problem if you smoke quickly.

This is because high-temperature cigarette smoke continues to linger in the mouth.

The faster you smoke, the faster your mouth will dry out and the bad breath will continue to develop.

So, if you smoke it in the opposite way, it may help a little.

Smoke a cigarette slowly.​

the high temperature characteristics of cigarettes and the characteristics of nicotine/tar continue to overlap When you smoke multiple cigarettes in succession.

This causes your mouth to become even drier and plaque continues to build up.

Smoking Bad breath is bound to get worse.

Moreover, the oxygen concentration in your mouth will decrease even more if you smoke continuously, right?

When the oxygen concentration decreases, the bacteria that cause bad breath move around.

Therefore, compared to a person who smokes only one cigarette at a time, a person who smokes several cigarettes in a row has worse breath. It is a good habit to smoke only one at a time.

After smoking, your mouth becomes dry.

So drinking water is a big help.

The more moist your mouth is, the less smoking bad breath you will experience.

Removing smoking bad breath - Figure 2

Immediately after smoking, it is a good idea to rinse your mouth with water several times.

This is because it can remove ingredients left in the mouth from smoking and temporarily prevent the mouth from drying out.

It also plays a good role in preventing white coating on the tongue.

The more white coating there are, the worse the smoking bad breath becomes, so managing them is a good way to reduce bad breath. You can rinse your mouth with cold water, but you can also rinse your mouth with warm water.

Some people spit while smoking.

In the last article, we learned why saliva secretion decreases when you smoke and why bad breath gets worse when saliva decreases. The amount of saliva is already decreasing, but if you spit out what little saliva you have… of course your breath will get worse.​

Coffee and cigarettes combined make it smell like poop. Everyone has probably experienced it. them, instant coffee is even the worst. It’s worse than black coffee like regular Americano.

This is because of the sugar that gives the instant coffee its sweet taste.

Sugar is food for bacteria. Already, the oxygen concentration is low and dry, so bacterial activity becomes active, but sugars are added to it so that it can eat well and grow well.

Likewise, it would be better to drink Americano without the syrup than to drink it with syrup, right?


80-90% of bad breath is caused by problems in the mouth. really!

Problems such as sore throat and tonsil stones generally only account for about 10-20% of cases.

So it is important to take good care of your mouth.

then, HOW?

The most basic thing is to brush your teeth well.

Everyone knows this, right?

So where should smokers especially focus?

It’s the tongue. Anaerobic bacteria, the main cause of smoking bad breath, are abundant on the back of the tongue.

Removing white coating is the most effective way to reduce smoking bad breath.


When brushing your teeth, be sure to brush your front teeth especially well.

Since cigarettes are usually smoked with the front teeth, nicotine and tar adhere easily to the inner surface of the front teeth.

This causes a lot of plaque and a lot of tartar builds up on the teeth.

Teeth become increasingly yellow, and bad breath becomes worse.

When brushing your teeth, be sure to brush your front teeth especially well. Evenly front and back~

We learned about tips for removing smoking bad breath.

Of course, it is best to fundamentally quit smoking and visit the dentist regularly.

But I think this is difficult for most people. So we wrote this article to give you these tips.

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